Day Twenty-Eight: 14th Street Playhouse

Day Twenty-Eight: 14th Street Playhouse, currently playingI’m the Man You Meet Before You Meet the Man You Marry” 

Located at 173 14th Street, Atlanta, GA 30309; 404.733.4738 – Box Office

Single, successful, middle-aged and hip but still not “The One.” But is that such a bad thing? A hysterically funny and poignant look at being truly happy and knowing the difference between being lonely and being alone. “Manny Oliveira has Bill Murray’s hipness, Richard Pryor’s style, and Don Rickles’ wit.

“Top rate and hysterically improvisational. He literally scorched the room leaving everyone suffering from a bad case of belly laughs.”  — Randy Keho, Freeport Journal-Standard
 “He involves the whole audience and provides a current that electrifies. Nothing and no one is safe from his gibes.” — Kathleen Ostrander, Daily News
“If he doesn’t get you laughing it’s because you’re not there.” — John Halverson, Wisconsin Gazette

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