Living Room Decorating Ideas

Make Conversation

    Arrange furniture for conversation. Put pieces at cozy right angles close enough so people can talk, not just blow kisses across the room.

    Make a Magnetic Wall

    One of my favorite tricks is to prime one wall with multiple coats of Rust-Oleum’s magnetic primer ($22 per quart), then paint over it with whatever color you like. It turns the wall into a message center or gallery for kid’s artwork without the visual clutter or multiple nail holes.


    Add Low-Lighting

    Position diffused, low-watt lighting, such as sconces with frosted glass shades or table lamps on dimmers, behind and slightly to the side of your TV. Your eyes will experience less strain as the picture shifts from light to dark.

Get a Collected Look Now 

Want a collected-over-time look right now? You can’t go wrong if you mix a slipcovered sofa, a dark wood coffee table and a leather chair. Pick distressed wood and leather so you won’t have to worry about putting the first scratch on them.

Create a Reading Corner

To tuck a reading corner into a small space, choose a tight-backed chair rather than one with a separate back cushion. It’s shallower but still comfy, especially when you add throw pillows.

Choosing the Right TV Size

The size of TV your room can accommodate depends on how far you sit from it. The distance between you and the screen should be equal to two or three times the diagonal screen size. If you’re between two screen sizes, go with the larger one.

Rounded Coffee Tables

My secret weapon is a round coffee table with a shelf below. The rounded edges are safer for little noggins.

Use Pretty Lamps

    Look at lamps as a way to add color and sculpture to the room without the clutter of knick-knacks. Three-way bulbs are a must. The low setting emits a soft glow; turn up the juice when you’re ready to read.
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